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25 Inch Split Ring Rim

We provide 25 inch tubeless split ring rims and wheels for various off road vehicles, like underground mining vehicles, drilling jumbo, road roller, excavator, heavy duty wheel loader, heavy duty dump truck and other construction machineries, aerial work machineries, telescopic forklift loader, military vehicles, logging trucks and more.

We can offer custom 25inch split ring rim for the following vehicles

● VOLVO A25C Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● VOLVO A25D Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● VOLVO A30C Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● VOLVO A30D Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● VOLVO A30E Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● VOLVO A30F Articulated haulers wheel rim wheel (rim) assembly
● Volvo L120F Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● Volvo A40D Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT16G motor grader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT16H motor grader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT950G Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT972G Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT972H Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT966G Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT980F Wheel loader rim Base
● CAT980G Wheel loader rim Base
● CAT740 Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT740B Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT740D Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● CAT972A Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● Bell B40C Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● R1700G Underground Mining Loader wheel (rim) assembly
● Komatsu WA500-6 Wheel loader wheel (rim) assembly
● Komatsu HM400-1 Articulated Dump Truck wheel (rim) assembly
● Komatsu GD825-A-2 motor grader wheel (rim) assembly


Type Dia. Size Piece
Wheel (Rim) Assembly 25" 13.00-25 5-piece
25" 14.00-25 5-piece
25" 17.00-25 5-piece
25" 19.50-25 5-piece
25" 22.00-25 5-piece
25" 25.00-25 5-piece

Components of the wheel

Technical details of wheel

  • Welding Seam
  • Knurled
  • Sand Blast
  • Polishing


1. Raw materials: Q345B or Q345E low alloy high strength steel

2. Welding process: We use a submerged arc welding process, and have strict requirements for the welding technology our employees use. Before welding, we heat the base metal and solder it to be sure it is precise with a clean groove. Thus, we can guarantee the later welding precision to meet customer needs. In addition, the welding process ensures clean welding lines of each product for current and voltage control.

3. Spray paint: we can customize the rim color, as long as you provide the RAL paint code. In addition, we can even make a variety of color mixed spraying.

4. Testing: every piece of the rim has been tested using ultrasonic technology, from the raw materials to finished products. The machining of each part and each threaded hole is 100% tested. Thus the service life of the rim is guaranteed to be more than 20,000 hours.

5. With a high yield strength and tensile property, the rim is applicable for cold regions.


Please provide the size of the tire you fit or the adaptable vehicle model, as well as the position of the rim you need in the vehicle. The more accurate the drawings, the better. The wheel rim should then be produced in 45 to 60 days.

Kinetic is capable to manufacture 25 inch split ring rim for heavy construction engineering equipment and mining machinery, as a reputable heavy duty alloy rim assembly manufacturer and supplier, we contribute to offering heavy duty 5 piece split ring rims like mining dump truck split ring rim, wheel loader split ring rim, also the custom solutions are available to meet the client needs.

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